Getting Started With Email Marketing

Getting Started With Email Marketing

Email marketing puzzle photoEmail marketing is an essential part of most any internet marketers road to success. But surprisingly a large percentage of website owners don’t make email marketing a priority, and some don’t do it at all. Since you are here I’m hoping this means you realize that list building is an important aspect to your bottom line and can be the difference between making money and giving up the whole idea of a profitable internet business altogether.

So why is it that so many website owners don’t have an email list?Confused Man 01

Well for the obvious reason. Email marketing is a lot of work. You have to set up some sort of sales funnel. You have to give the visitor of your blog or website some reason why they should give you there email address. You have to offer them something free or offer them some incentive. You have to set up an opt-in form. Next, you link it to whatever it is you said you would send them. And then you have to follow up on your communication with them. So yeah it’s a lot of work


Before you say forget it I think I’ll just work my nine to five job and just stick with it until I can make it to retirement. Let me tell you it’s mostly hard in the beginning. But once you set up your opt-in page and begin building your email list your follow up emails can be set up on auto pilot.

Now this doesn’t mean you can just sit around and just watch the money roll in after that. But it does make the process much more manageable.

Once you send  4 or 5 emails to your new opt-ins they will be familiar with you and at this point, you’re no longer a stranger.  After you have sent the  intro emails you need to keep your list of people engaged. Send them new information on a regular basis. Once or twice a week. Some marketers are more aggressive and send out emails 3 to 5 times a week. Sometimes even daily.

man celebrates 01If you have a website right now but you don’t have much traffic, that’s OK you can start building an email list that can eventually provide a nice monthly income. Just treat every email address you get on your list like gold. If you have a website that has good traffic, even better an email list will help you even more. But whatever you do start building a list.

Hopefully, you get the idea. I will help you along the way with articles on different aspects of email marketing.

So make the decision right now to make list building a priority. I   guarantee you it will pay off in the long runemail marketing plan logo

To your success,  Bruce Merrian





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