How can email marketing make you money?

How Can Email Marketing Make You Money?


How can email marketing make you moneyHow can make email marketing make you money? Of course, this is the big question how can email marketing make you money and can you do it?  Email marketing can benefit an online business in many ways. It’s inexpensive and can return a profit quickly. That being said we are all too familiar with emails hitting our inbox that are just a waste of our time, that we delete before we even look at them.  These kinds of spam emails won’t get you anywhere.

So the question is how can you make email marketing work for you?   So within this article, I’m going to talk about some of my best tips on email marketing and hopefully, you can use some of these ideas.

The first most important thing you need to work on is, get your emails opened. You can have the greatest email content ever but if nobody reads it what good will it do?

So how do you get your email open rate up? Well for starters treat your people like people! Think of there needs. If you send them an offer that’s scammy and you know it, then your people will see this and will be less likely to open future emails. So think of what will actually help them. Speak to them like you would a friend. Try to put yourself in their shoes, can this really help them? Be honest and helpful,

OK, so how do you get them to open your emails initially. This is a subject that could fill a book, but here are a few ideas to use as subject lines.

The curiosity approach. Here’s a couple “Is it time to say good-by?” or, “I have to admit it. I was wrong.” Both of these lines leave your reader with a question of what you are talking about and maybe a hint of an answer inside.

Another tactic is to give a solution to a problem, something like. “How to keep going when you’ve already given it all you’ve got.” This is something that your reader can probably relate to. And makes them think a solution is inside.

Also, keep it short. Present a problem offer a solution mention benefits and give them a call to action say click here to get the complete answer to whatever it is. And be sure it’s something you truly believe will help your subscriber.

So hopefully this gives you a few ideas that can help you with your email marketing endeavors.

Remember above all your subscribers are real people. Treat them as such.

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7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list! Inside this article, I’m going to talk about my 7  tips to grow your email list as a blogger. Now, as you probably already know growing your email list is the most important thing you can do for the growth of your online business. If you don’t have an email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. So within this article, I’m going to talk about 7 top tips that you can use for growing your email list. These are some very cool tips. So let’s get into it without further ado.

The first step to grow your list is to increase the value of whatever it is that you give away to entice people to sign up for your newsletter.

So this is really important, the more valuable you can make this the more people you’re going to get to sign up for your newsletter. It’s just as simple as that. So offer them as a free report, or a video, or an audio file that people can download. Whatever it is, make it as valuable as possible.

OK step 2 to help you grow your email list is to have a newsletter signup box on your blog. Very important.  Have it at the top somewhere so that people can see it and it’s obvious so that they can signup to your newsletter. Absolutely critical, I use GetResponse to help me do this. I grabbed the code that GetResponse provides me, and then I put that code in the sidebar widget on my blog. And that’s how I do it.

Number 3 is to have a lightbox hover on your blog. Now, this is one of those popup boxes that come up and asks you to enter your email address and name.

Some people think it’s a little bit annoying, a little bit spammy but the truth is it can double your optin rate. Everytime that I’ve done this in any of my blogs that I’ve run, the optin rate is always doubled. So I really recommend that you do it because it works. I don’t care about what everyone else says.. whether it’s spammy or whether it looks ugly, it works! And if you can grow your email list twice as fast, you can become successful twice as fast.

OK! Number 4 is to use something called the ultimate footer ad. This is a little script that you can install on your blog or website. Basically it allows or creates little footer popup on the bottom of your blog that asks people the same thing, for their email address. It’s a little bit lesser choice than a popup window from tip number 3 the lightbox hover popup.. That’s an alternative if you don’t like the pop-up thing. But it’s not gonna be as effective, but still it will help you get more optins.

The next one up is to get signups from blog commentators. This is kind of new one to me and I’ll be implementing it very soon.

You can do this by using a plugin called Action Comments.  What it does basically is every time someone leaves a comment on your blog, it sends them an email and you can decide what you wanna put inside this email. But basically you can ask people to signup for your newsletter. Very very cool. As people leave a comment you ask them to signup for your newsletter. How cool is that? So they’re already on your blog , and they still remember you and immediately you ask them to signup. Very cool.

Number 6 is to get signups from RSS readers.

Now for this you will use a plugin called Feed Footer. What it does basically is it allows you to add some text inside your RSS feed at the end of each post. And so inside there you can ask people to sign up for your newsletter. So you can just add text, add links. Very cool, so people click on it, your RSS followers click on it and go to your optin page.

Finally is to get signups from Facebook. And for this you need a Facebook fanpage, you need a GetResponse autoresponder account, and you’ll need a little facebook application called Facebook Static FBML.

And basically use these things together to help you create an optin page on your facebook fanpage.

So these are lot of things here those are the 7 things. Increase the value for what your giving away Have a newsletter signup box on your sidebar, very visible Use the lightbox hover Use the ultimate footer ad Get signups from blog commentators Signups from RSS readers Signups from Facebook Those are my 7 tips.


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Email Marketing Quick Tips:

Email Marketing Quick Tips:

email marketing quick tipsHere are some email marketing quick tips you can use in your business.

It’s a pretty common premise that the bigger your list the better right?  Now don’t get me wrong, a growing email list is great. But as your subscribers increase, you might notice that your open rates start to drop. This might occur for a few reasons. Usually, it’s a sign that you have a high number of inactive people on your list.

We refer to inactive subscribers as those who haven’t opened a single email in the last 6 months. Since the key to a healthy email list is regular maintenance, removing the inactive subscribers from your list is one way to boost email performance. But you shouldn’t just delete them without giving them a chance. First, you’ll want to send them a re-engagement email to give them a chance to stay on your list.

So what do you write in your email? Let’s break it down piece by piece, starting with the subject line. Your subject line should get right to the point. In a recent re-engagement email we sent to our inactive subscribers on our blog list, the subject line read: “Do you still want to want to be on  our email list?” It seems like an obvious choice, and that’s the point. A simple, direct headline is what you’re looking for.

The same can also be said for the main content of your email. In your email message be direct about why you’re emailing them. Tell subscribers that you’re reaching out because you want to make sure they still want to be on your list. This is also a good time to reiterate the value of your emails. Whether you send blog post updates, company news, event announcements, or promotional emails, remind subscribers what they’ll be missing out on if they’re not receiving your emails. Once you’ve taken care of those content must-haves, it’s time to write a clear call to action.

To make it easy for subscribers, we recommend including only one call to action. Your CTA specifically tells them that by clicking the button, it will ensure they remain on your email list. Think of it as a way to re-confirm their commitment to your email list. You can also say that they will be automatically removed from the list if they don’t click the link in 7 days. This eases the subscriber’s fear of what will happen if they don’t click the button.

It also gives you a timeline for when to remove subscribers who no longer want to be on your list. And that’s all you need for your re-engagement email! Simple, right? So here’s what you do, take a look at your subscriber list to see how many are considered inactive. Write a re-engagement email and start cleaning your list so you have a fresh start for the new year. That’s it for today! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and just ask.

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How to Make Money Using Your Email List


How to Make Money Using Your Email List

Just how do you make money using your e-mail list? If you want to know the true value of your e-mail list fasten your seatbelt.  I got some tips to share with you that will show you how to make money using your e-mail list and the value it brings to the table for your business. Let me ask you a question do you belong to an e-mail list? You probably do, if you do you receive regular e-mails from the person who owns that list. And I bet you just can’t wait to receive the next e-mail, probably not but those are some questions that you need to consider when you start building your own e-mail list, and the way you answered those questions will help you understand how to make money using your e-mail list.

It’s not an easy thing to get people coming back over and over again without some kind of reminder unless your website is truly super compelling and awesome. So by having the ability to send your readers an e-mail telling them about something new that you just posted, you now have a great way of building traffic.  And to those individuals that you’ve already built a great relationship with, those on your e-mail list you now can offer products to those people. Now hold on a minute before you go hog wild blitzing your subscribers with ads for products and offers, take a moment to think about the questions I asked you at the beginning . What makes you want to open your e-mail more importantly what makes you act on the information inside. So here’s the value of an e-mail list, one it’s a great way to stay in contact with your readers, two it’s also a great way to let your readers get to know you better, and looking forward to hearing from you.

Here’s an example that will illustrate this point. Let’s say for instance you have a blog on cat health, and you develop an e-mail list of 5000 subscribers…. And when you send an e-mail to them each week you could include some story or joke about your cat maybe you could tell a story about your cat, real or imagined about how your cat named precious, and how precious is afraid of his own shadow. What do you think would happen if each week you e-mail your list and start with a brief story about some new terror in preciouses life and his funny reaction when faced with it.

Now if you received an e-mail like that each week do you think you would open it? Of course you would. And the reason why you would is because you joined that particular list in the first place, which would indicate that you have a love for cats. And funny stories about precious the cat would not only intrigue you but you would be waiting with eager anticipation each week to hear them. Now you’re in a better position to include a link to your latest post. Or maybe you could say something like this “by the way, I noticed precious has been scratching her ears lately. And after researching this I found out something very interesting I wanted to share with you, I found out what causes a cat to do that, I discuss it in my latest blog post”. Wouldn’t you think most people would click the link to find out what makes a cat scratch it’s ears? Sure they would and you would to.

As long as your blog delivers the answers to the questions, you will have happy satisfied readers. And what will these readers keep doing?. Coming back time and time again. Happy readers are people who will buy products from you. These few suggestions if applied will help you understand better how to make money using your e-mail list in the right way. Put them to use immediately, they work!

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5 Tips To Email Marketing Success

5 Tips To Email Marketing Success

Tips for email marketing successEmail marketing success. it’s no simple task. However, if your willing to put in the work and have some patients you can have success.

Email marketing continues to be considered the very best online marketing strategy. Email marketing is still definitely the most reliable online marketing approach. It’s effective because you’re sending messages to individuals who have shown that they have an interest in your products or services and have opted in and given permission to send information to them.

Email marketing permits business owners to present their products and services right to their potential customers, rather than waiting for them to visit their store or website.

But there’s a skill for you to get the results you want from e-mail marketing so you are not seen as a nuisance, or worse even, a spammer. Listed below are 5 tips to make your e-mail marketing more effective.

1. Build a Marketing Funnel

A marketing funnel is the plan of action that a potential customer will proceed through from the time they opt-in to your e-mail list to the time of decision as to whether they will make a purchase. You will need to set up a series of marketing email messages that will create a trusting relationship with your potential customer  in order that they come to know you. At this point, if you’ve done your job they will like you and trust and be willing to part with their hard earned cash.

2. Provide an Opt-In web page and web page for every product

Don’t be reliant on one basic email opt-in web page  to build your email list or sell your products. People inside your market will have different needs. Take a look at your opt-in pages and sales pages from the idea of how your customer will see them, and answer the questions and concerns they could have.

3. Have a  contact database list for every product

Develop an email database list for every single product or service that you offer. Don’t bunch everyone into the same list. At the minimum, you will need an overall email list for folks who go to the front page of your site and a list for each and every product you sell. Be sure you name your lists appropriately so you know where you can send your emails based from where in fact the audience joins your list.

4. Set Up Follow-Up Messages

An autoresponder is an essential software application that you will need to achieve email marketing success. Your autoresponder can automatically distribute messages to the people who register with your list, whatever the time or where they may be. These follow-up messages describe the benefits associated with your service or product to your prospect. Be sure to have a call to action in your email.

5. Broadcast Emails

A broadcast email communication goes out to all or any, or a chosen portion of your complete database, irrespective of when an individual became a member of your list. It’s a fantastic way to inform your subscribers about exclusive events, special deals or a post or article on your website.

Email marketing success is mainly about marketing. Great marketing can sell the average product but poor marketing cannot sell a great product.

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Dos Don’ts Of Email Marketing


Dos Don’ts Of Email Marketing

dos and don'ts of email marketingWhether you’re new to Email marketing or you have extensive experience with it. There are some basic dos and don’ts that are good to keep in mind when starting any Email marketing venture. Within this article are some of the main bullet points that are maybe obvious, but are sometimes forgotten.

Let’s start with some don’ts.

1. Don’t spam- You don’t want to send emails to people that haven’t opted in to whatever it is you are sending them. For one thing it’s a waste of your time and theirs. And if you have an email service they’ll probably charge you more money as your list gets bigger, so it’s a waste of money to.

There are also legal problems you can get into for sending emails that are sent without consent. So do yourself a favor, just don’t do it.

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2. Don’t over do it- Just swamping a person with emails can be irritating and quite often leads to unsubscribing. Also don’t send emails on a monday. People are just starting their work week and have to much on there plate. A lot of those emails will go right to the trash.

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3. Don’t beat around the bush- Get to the point. people are experiencing information overload on a daily basis. If your email drags on to long it wont get read all the way through and go right to the trash.

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4. Don’t use symbols- Symbols such as & or $ might save a little typing on your part but just doesn’t look professional.

OK now some dos

1. Do provide good information in your emails. If you send emails that have information your list of people can benefit from, the likelihood of you emails being read goes way up. If all you send are sales ptches then soon that’s all people will know you for. And that leads to your emails not getting read and eventualy unsubscribes.

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2. Do put your name in the top (or your company) and stay consistent. If you have done your job well and have been sending information that people want to read it makes it more likely your emails will be opened if they know right away who it’s from.

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3. Do personalize- Get their name right at the top “Hey Sam” “Hello Susan” This will help to build a personal relationship.

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4. Do grab attention- If you have some information (and hopefully you do) that can help them. Let them know right away and that they need to read your email to gain this knowledge.

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5. Do speak to your recipient- Treat this person like they’re your friend. If your advice is not something you would give to a friend, then don’t give it. If you really are trying to help a person, then it will come through in your emails. You may not make a quick killing by selling a bunch of junk, but you’ll develope a long time customer. And in the long run when you do come across something that they need that you are selling, You’ll have an audience that trusts you.

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6. Do keep a regular schedule- There are better times of the week to send emails Tuesday and Thursday are the two best days to send emails. And it’s best to send them in the morning. Send your emails on a regular schedule. Once or twice a week. If there’s an important event maybe one more. You can experiment around with this. Some marketers mail more often, some even daily. In my opinion this will burn out your list and will probably lead to unsubscribes.

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7. Do include a call to action- Not every email will be asking for something. But if you do want them to buy, then ask them to click on the link that will take them to the sales page or paypal. Or if you want them to check out your new article on your blog, ask them to click on the link to gain access to this great information that you have for them. Keep them engaged.

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8. Do include graphics- You don’t have to over do this, but if you make your emails look a little professional you’ll create an air of authority. People are more likely to do business with someone that looks professional. Remember to be a professional, you must first look professional.

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9. Do track your results- Keep track of your email campaigns. You want to know how many emails are opened and other information. There is software that can help you with this.
OK so there you have some of the main dos and don’ts. Feel free to add to this list, but this should get you started. Hopefully these email marketing plan logopoints will help you along your way to a successful Email Marketing Plan.

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To your success,
Bruce Merrian


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