7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

7 Tips To Grow Your Email List

Grow your email list! Inside this article, I’m going to talk about my 7  tips to grow your email list as a blogger. Now, as you probably already know growing your email list is the most important thing you can do for the growth of your online business. If you don’t have an email list, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. So within this article, I’m going to talk about 7 top tips that you can use for growing your email list. These are some very cool tips. So let’s get into it without further ado.

The first step to grow your list is to increase the value of whatever it is that you give away to entice people to sign up for your newsletter.

So this is really important, the more valuable you can make this the more people you’re going to get to sign up for your newsletter. It’s just as simple as that. So offer them as a free report, or a video, or an audio file that people can download. Whatever it is, make it as valuable as possible.

OK step 2 to help you grow your email list is to have a newsletter signup box on your blog. Very important.  Have it at the top somewhere so that people can see it and it’s obvious so that they can signup to your newsletter. Absolutely critical, I use GetResponse to help me do this. I grabbed the code that GetResponse provides me, and then I put that code in the sidebar widget on my blog. And that’s how I do it.

Number 3 is to have a lightbox hover on your blog. Now, this is one of those popup boxes that come up and asks you to enter your email address and name.

Some people think it’s a little bit annoying, a little bit spammy but the truth is it can double your optin rate. Everytime that I’ve done this in any of my blogs that I’ve run, the optin rate is always doubled. So I really recommend that you do it because it works. I don’t care about what everyone else says.. whether it’s spammy or whether it looks ugly, it works! And if you can grow your email list twice as fast, you can become successful twice as fast.

OK! Number 4 is to use something called the ultimate footer ad. This is a little script that you can install on your blog or website. Basically it allows or creates little footer popup on the bottom of your blog that asks people the same thing, for their email address. It’s a little bit lesser choice than a popup window from tip number 3 the lightbox hover popup.. That’s an alternative if you don’t like the pop-up thing. But it’s not gonna be as effective, but still it will help you get more optins.

The next one up is to get signups from blog commentators. This is kind of new one to me and I’ll be implementing it very soon.

You can do this by using a plugin called Action Comments.  What it does basically is every time someone leaves a comment on your blog, it sends them an email and you can decide what you wanna put inside this email. But basically you can ask people to signup for your newsletter. Very very cool. As people leave a comment you ask them to signup for your newsletter. How cool is that? So they’re already on your blog , and they still remember you and immediately you ask them to signup. Very cool.

Number 6 is to get signups from RSS readers.

Now for this you will use a plugin called Feed Footer. What it does basically is it allows you to add some text inside your RSS feed at the end of each post. And so inside there you can ask people to sign up for your newsletter. So you can just add text, add links. Very cool, so people click on it, your RSS followers click on it and go to your optin page.

Finally is to get signups from Facebook. And for this you need a Facebook fanpage, you need a GetResponse autoresponder account, and you’ll need a little facebook application called Facebook Static FBML.

And basically use these things together to help you create an optin page on your facebook fanpage.

So these are lot of things here those are the 7 things. Increase the value for what your giving away Have a newsletter signup box on your sidebar, very visible Use the lightbox hover Use the ultimate footer ad Get signups from blog commentators Signups from RSS readers Signups from Facebook Those are my 7 tips.


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