How can email marketing make you money?

How Can Email Marketing Make You Money?


How can email marketing make you moneyHow can make email marketing make you money? Of course, this is the big question how can email marketing make you money and can you do it?  Email marketing can benefit an online business in many ways. It’s inexpensive and can return a profit quickly. That being said we are all too familiar with emails hitting our inbox that are just a waste of our time, that we delete before we even look at them.  These kinds of spam emails won’t get you anywhere.

So the question is how can you make email marketing work for you?   So within this article, I’m going to talk about some of my best tips on email marketing and hopefully, you can use some of these ideas.

The first most important thing you need to work on is, get your emails opened. You can have the greatest email content ever but if nobody reads it what good will it do?

So how do you get your email open rate up? Well for starters treat your people like people! Think of there needs. If you send them an offer that’s scammy and you know it, then your people will see this and will be less likely to open future emails. So think of what will actually help them. Speak to them like you would a friend. Try to put yourself in their shoes, can this really help them? Be honest and helpful,

OK, so how do you get them to open your emails initially. This is a subject that could fill a book, but here are a few ideas to use as subject lines.

The curiosity approach. Here’s a couple “Is it time to say good-by?” or, “I have to admit it. I was wrong.” Both of these lines leave your reader with a question of what you are talking about and maybe a hint of an answer inside.

Another tactic is to give a solution to a problem, something like. “How to keep going when you’ve already given it all you’ve got.” This is something that your reader can probably relate to. And makes them think a solution is inside.

Also, keep it short. Present a problem offer a solution mention benefits and give them a call to action say click here to get the complete answer to whatever it is. And be sure it’s something you truly believe will help your subscriber.

So hopefully this gives you a few ideas that can help you with your email marketing endeavors.

Remember above all your subscribers are real people. Treat them as such.

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